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About Floral Fantasy

Gardens by the Bay Floral Fantasy is a magical wonderland filled with vibrant colored floral bouquets. Inside there are rock gardens with meandering brooks, dimly lit caves with pretend glow worms adorning the entrance and so much more. It is a 1500 square meter indoor garden space that features over 3000 plants of more than 150 different species. This collection also includes rare plants from Ecuador, Madagascar and Japan. Four different landscaped gardens each featuring a different artistic theme that makes up this beautiful floral extravaganza.

The highlight of your visit is The 4D ride Flight of the Dragonfly, a 4D sensory ride that takes you on a simulated journey of a dragonfly around the Gardens by the Bay. Also, Dance features an upside down garden of colorful floral bouquets. These suspended colorful flowers seem to sway to the background music turning this section into a magical realm where fairies and ogres dwell. Dance also has an Artist Corner where local artists showcase their work. Float, the terraced rock garden has a gently flowing stream lined with large drooping trees. Waltz is a typical rainforest with waterfalls, a wide variety of plants, driftwood structures and a few live mini vibrantly colored poison dart frogs hiding in the green foliage.


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Floral fantasy
Floral Fantasy Tickets

Explore the floral extravaganza at Floral Fantasy and enter the world of magical canopies, swaying upside down floral gardens and whimsical garden landscapes. Your Floral Fantasy tickets lets you explore all the 4 sections of this attraction. You can take in the beauty of colorful flowers suspended from the ceiling at Dance and enjoy their mesmerizing sway to the background music. Admire the beauty of hundreds of hanging Japanese Fuschias and listen to the soothing sounds of the meandering stream. Be transported to a rainforest replete with waterfalls, lush vegetation and vibrant colored mini poison dart frogs. Leaving the rainforest section, you enter a dimly lit cave with sparkling glow at the entrance mimicking the dim lights of glow worms and take a walk around the terraced garden.

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Floral Fantasy Tickets + Gardens by the Bay

Explore the surreal world of Floral Fantasy and the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay with this one Gardens by the Bay Floral Fantasy ticket. Enjoy a peaceful walk at Serene Garden and explore the Sun Pavilion with its desert-like landscape. Discover ancient varieties of the plant kingdom at the World of Plants and admire the beauty of the various mystical sculptures at the Canyon. Take in the views at Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake, and also visit the Heritage Garden and learn about the ethnic groups of Singapore. At Floral Fantasy explore the whimsical garden landscapes and creative floral arrangements that take you to a world of floral magic.

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Attractions in Floral Fantasy Singapore

Floral Fantasy is a fantasy world of flowers filled with creative floral displays and suspended flowering plants that features more than 300 varieties of blooms. Some of the varieties include the Darth Vader Begonias, Fried Egg flowers, Surfinia Purple-vein Petunias and many others.

Floral Fantasy is divided into 4 creatively designed gardens-Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift. In this amazing wonderland, you will find upside down flower gardens , magical driftwood structures, rock gardens with meandering streams and dimly lit caves with exotic orchids sprouting from the rocks. Each of these unique gardens will leave you with a lasting impression of being in a magical land of flowers.

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Floral fantasy Singapore
  • Dance: This section of Floral Fantasy gets its name from the rhythmic swaying of the dangling flowering plants that are suspended like a canopy above. Pendulous flower balls hanging from above add to the magical charm of the Garden turning it into an inviting wonderland.

  • Float: Float is a landscaped terrace rock garden and a stream that flows in and out of the rock garden. Drooping branches of towering trees turns the whole garden into a scene from a magical wonderland.

  • Waltz: Waltz features a rainforest replete with waterfalls and wooden structures. There is also an enclosed Vivarium that showcases tiny vibrant colored live poison dart frogs.

  • Drift: Drift is a cave-like structure adorned with ferns and glowing landscapes which is meant to represent glow-worms, and within these caves is a myriad collection of exotic South American orchids. Drift has soft lighting that is designed to replicate the subdued lighting inside caves.

  • Fantasy Theatre: Flight of the dragon-ly 4D ride: A walk through the softly lit cave leads up to a 24-seater theater that screens an immersive 4D ride minifilm. This film is based on a simulated flight of a dragonfly exploring the Gardens by the Bay that will engage all your senses. The mini film is part of your Floral Fantasy tickets, so enjoy as much as you can.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday :10am to 7pm.
    (Last admission at 6:30pm)

  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays :10am to 8pm. (Last admission at 7:30)

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay Floral Fantasy Singapore is early morning around opening time on weekdays. If you also wish to see the light and sound show then you can plan your visit in the evening. .

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FAQ's of Floral Fantasy Tickets

Why is Floral Fantasy in Singapore so famous?

Floral Fantasy is famous for being one of the most beautiful attractions in Gardens by the Bay. It not only holds over 15,000 freshly cut and preserved flowers suspended from the ceiling but the temperature in the Floral Fantasy is closely monitored and kept between 23 - 25 degrees Celsius. If too tired you can sit and enjoy the 4D simulation 'Flight of the Dragonfly ' to view the entire Garden from the eyes of a dragonfly. With your Floral Fantasy tickets you get to explore all the sections including the 4D theater.

How long does it take to explore the Floral Fantasy in Gardens by the Bay?

It is best to set aside approximately 45 minutes to an hour to explore Gardens by the Bay Floral Fantasy at its entirety.

Is Floral Fantasy the same as Flower Dome?

No, Floral Fantasy and the Flower Dome are not the same. Floral Fantasy is an amazing collection of flowers arranged in a creative manner with gardens, caves and brooks. But Flower Dome has replicas of different habitats across the globe such as the Australian desert, African Savannah, etc.

How big is the Floral Fantasy?

The Floral Fantasy is spread over 1,500 square meters and houses over 15,000 live plants and freshly cut flowers that are dried and preserved.

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